Technology–To the Stars and Back


When it comes to technology as it relates to Learning Support , I feel a bit like a young astronomer staring into space with a powerful new telescope he got for Christmas. He wants to see a certain consetellation, but isn’t all that sure where to look. I want my students to be responsible digital citizens but am not all that certain where to start. We have the devices but how can I make sure my students are using them responsibly and how can I help them to? I often see unresponsible tech usage in class throughout the day-what is the best way to address this and how can we make an open and honest conversation where lasting, positive change can occur? I’ve played the big, bad, mean tech nazi before and it isn’t a role I relish playing. I don’t want to have unreasonable tech usage parameters in my classroom. I want the dicussion to be honest and reasonable. I want my students to use their technology as our young astronomer would use his new telescope, with careful, nuanced practice that pushes boundaries into the unknown but so far where he’ll see something he shouldn’t, as if it was pointed at his neighbors’ house.

Learning support teachers, like all other educators, are constantly bombarded with the newest and latest technology offerings. Many of the journals I read are always spouting off on the new “it” technology that is going to change education forever!I want to make sure the technology I adopt is something that is sustainable, allows my students to achieve success, is streamlined and easy to use, and something that is adoptable over multiple platforms. There are many helpful apps that I can access , how do I know they are right for me and what is the best situation to try them to practice where they will induce the least amount of harm? I hope this course can shed some lights on some these questions and take me to the tech promised land!